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OrangeBidz penny auctions offers an exciting way to win the products you love at savings up to 95% off! Located in Upland, CA, OrangeBidz has catered to thousands of players across the United States offering new, incredible deals everyday!


Our unique business model focuses on selling bids rather than products. A small fee per bid makes it possible to offer brand new, factory sealed products at up to 98% off retail 7 days a week!


Bids start at just $0.75, and can be purchased for even cheaper with our special promotions and events!  An incredible deal compared to other penny auction sites.


It’s fun, exciting, and the ultimate in discount shopping. Join the thousands who already enjoy our free shipping and Buy It Now option that makes bidding on OrangeBidz risk free!


Our customer service is top notch and we constantly strive to provide the best auction experience possible. You are guaranteed a fun, fair, and honest auction experience.


We love our members and we know you will love auction shopping with Orange. That is why we are so confident that you’ll love our auctions that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all unused purchased bids!


Join in less than 30 seconds and begin bidding to win incredible deals! Don’t forget you automatically get free shipping and access to our risk free buy it now option!




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Bids Price/bid Price
30 bids $ 0.75 $ 22.50
50 bids $ 0.75 $ 37.50
115 bids $ 0.61 $ 70.00
200 bids $ 0.75 $ 150.00
300 bids $ 0.75 $ 225.00
500 bids $ 0.75 $ 375.00

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Recent Deals!

$ 9.12
08.14.2020 21:15
$ 9.81
08.14.2020 20:58
$ 11.57
08.14.2020 20:55

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Bids Price/bid Price  
30 Bids $ 0.75 $ 22.50
50 Bids $ 0.75 $ 37.50
115 Bids $ 0.61 $ 70.00
200 Bids $ 0.75 $ 150.00
300 Bids $ 0.75 $ 225.00
500 Bids $ 0.75 $ 375.00